Event Marketing
When it comes to marketing an event, we know what to say, how to say it and just as importantly when to say it. Health Links regularly designs and produces high quality marketing materials for all our events, including:

Calls for papers
Early bird booking forms
Post card fliers
Sponsorship and exhibition brochures and show guides
Final booking forms
Event brochures
Show guides

Database management
We have excellent databases covering the fields we work in and ensure that they are regularly researched and updated. In addition, we have a great deal of experience sourcing the best third party data and using it effectively.

We have excellent relationships with the key media players in the sectors we work in, and regularly arrange mutually beneficial contra deals.

We provide IN HOUSE a complete direct marketing service, sending out over 450,000 pieces of conference mail per annum. We are increasingly integrating email with electronic communications.

Electronic communications
More and more we are linking our direct marketing mailings to email campaigns, e-newsletter campaigns and web-based communications with our partners, to great effect.

Our web-based-booking system, Symphony, allows for detailed analysis of delegate take-up and helps us to focus down onto groups or areas that are under-represented in real time.

For more information about our marketing capabilities contact Chris Hanney or contact our switchboard on + 44 (0) 116 269 1046
Concept Development
Event Project Management
Exhibition Management
Speaker Management
Exhibition Sales & Sponsorship
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